About EOSD


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    EO Sensor Design Pty Ltd is an Australian technology company trading as Electro-optic Sensor Design (EOSD), a registered business entity based in the state of South Australia.    

    EOSD specialises in performance modelling, design and analysis of passive electro-optic detectors and sensor systems. The principal expertise is in low-light-level detection and infrared (IR) sensors; in particular microbolometer IR detectors, and both imaging and non-imaging uncooled IR sensor equipment.

    The company Director and business owner  is Mr Kevin Liddiard. He is also Director of the Australian company IR Sensors Pty Ltd, established to develop patented microbolometer technology. His business resume is at this link.

    Note: EOSD services are bound by the Wassanaar Arrangement on Export Controls for Conventional Arms and Dual-Use Goods; see  http://www.wassenaar.org/.   

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