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Micro IR sensor

posted 30 May 2013, 05:21 by Gordon Kay   [ updated 22 Sept 2020, 23:43 by Kevin Liddiard ]

The mosaic pixel concept for microbolometers was developed  for sensor applications in the high volume industry and consumers markets, so the sensors needed to be small, compact and low cost. The design concept incorporated integration of a micro-lens with the wafer level microbolometer package, as shown in the figure here (US patent 7,791,026 B2, figure 1). An exploded schematic of an ‘IR micro-sensor’ implementation is shown below, with major components lens (top), focal plane detector array and package bottom.
This technology is being developed for home and industrial security and numerous other applications.

                                                                            Mosaic pixel focal plane array

                                                                                           Miniature lens
                                                                        (courtesy LightPath Technologies)